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Body line Dent Repair

Here you can see an example of a pretty extreme dent that we repaired on the door of a Nissan Rogue. Location, access, and depth of a dent are key factors in weather or not it will be repairable. This was a very sharp dent on a body line and any deeper of a dent would most likely have been beyond our method of Paintless Dent Repair.

Dents on body lines

Dent on body lines are naturally more difficult to repair but don’t rule out paintless dent repair without first getting an estimate! Most body line dent can still be repaired as long as the metal is not too stretched!

Truck Dent Removal

Toyota Tacoma Bedside Damage

Here you can see an example of some pretty extreme paintless dent repair on a Toyota Tacoma. On a typical day we can repair a large number of small “door dings”. Unlike this repair we would only be able to do a few of these a day! These are more time consuming, but can still be repaired under the right circumstances! If Paintless dent repair is a possibility for your dent then you will likely save hundreds of dollars compared to using a traditional body shop!

Toyota Tacoma bedside dent repair

Dent Removal

Mustang Dent Repair

Mustang Dent Repair

Mustang Dent Repair

Here you can see a before/after picture of a repair Auto Dent Solution did on a Ford Mustang. This was a pretty sharp dent caused by falling boxes in the garage! We used a bit of heat while we worked this one out to preserve the original paint. The owner had a buyer lined up for this car before it got dented, but thankfully we were able to get it good as new for the new buyer!

Infinity Dent Repair

Here we have a dent that was repaired on the front fender of an infinity. The cause of the dent was a non permanent basketball hoop that tipped over on to the car. The repair was done by simply pulling the fender liner back and inserting one of our many tools and pressing the dent out until its prior state.

infinity dent repair

infinity dent repair

Dent Removal

Bentley convertible

Here we have a Bentley convertible that had multiple dents on the rear quarter panel. Convertible rear quarter panels are especially difficult to access because of the extra bracing and panels for the convertible top to be able to lower down. However if there is a will there is a way, the ADS team was able to find a small access above the wheel well liner and got those dents out!


Finishing Touches

Paintless Dent Repair, like most trades require certain finishing touches to come up with a finished product to make your vehicle like new. In this case our Paintless Dent Repair method was used on this ’53 Ford panel truck that was being restored by Ken, a customer of ours. His truck had beautiful body and paint work but had just a few dings keeping the body from being perfectly straight! In under an hour we had it good as new!

'53 Ford Panel Truck Restoration

’53 Ford Panel Truck Restoration