How long does it take?
Most Repairs can be completed in less than an hour, however multiple dings and dents or hail damage vehicles will take longer to repair.

How much does dent repair Cost?
Most common repairs can be performed at a cost of only $100 to $200; however our trained technician will provide you with a precise estimate after examining your vehicle. The below pricing schedule will provide a very good idea of the cost based on the size and number of the dents and dings. These guidelines are for dents of average depth and normal accessibility. Extreme damage will need to be bid by a technician upon review.

What damage is suitable for PDR?

  • Most non-collision dents
  • Small to large dents
  • Creases
  • Body flaws
  • Hail/golf ball/shopping cart damage
  • Dents with scratches or chips can also be repaired, with touch-up

Will my dents come back?
Absolutely not.. PDR is a permanent repair and once a dent is removed property it will never come back.

Can you come to my home or my business to remove my dents or dings?
ADS is a mobile business service that can meet you anywhere, whether it be your work or home.

Do you offer a discount for multiple dents?
Yes we do, multiple dents on a panel are generally discounted.

We will be your dent eraser!

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