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Dent repair on the go!

I met a nice couple from Englewood at a Sarasota park and repaired their Subaru outback while they enjoyed the park!

Body line Dent Repair

Here you can see an example of a pretty extreme dent that we repaired on the door of a Nissan Rogue. Location, access, and depth of a dent are key factors in weather or not it will be repairable. This was a very sharp dent on a body line and any deeper of a dent would most likely have been beyond our method of Paintless Dent Repair.

Dents on body lines

Dent on body lines are naturally more difficult to repair but don’t rule out paintless dent repair without first getting an estimate! Most body line dent can still be repaired as long as the metal is not too stretched!

Truck Dent Removal

dent removal under lighting

Dents under the light!

Visibility is important, regardless of if we’re using the sunlight or inside during a rainy day. Using artificial lighting indoors helps us achieve great results. After our work is finished, you won’t see any dents no matter what lighting!

dent removal under lighting

PDR Light Source

Toyota Tacoma Bedside Damage

Here you can see an example of some pretty extreme paintless dent repair on a Toyota Tacoma. On a typical day we can repair a large number of small “door dings”. Unlike this repair we would only be able to do a few of these a day! These are more time consuming, but can still be repaired under the right circumstances! If Paintless dent repair is a possibility for your dent then you will likely save hundreds of dollars compared to using a traditional body shop!

Toyota Tacoma bedside dent repair

Severe fender dent

Here we have a pretty severe fender dent that made creases at a couple different angles. This was repaired by gaining access from the under side of the fender which is just a plastic liner that is held in by a few plastic clips. We then  would massage the dent out with our PDR tools while applying heat to preserve the paint. When we reach the finished product all that’s left is to put back the fender liner and clean up the area!

Dent Removal

Mustang Dent Repair

Mustang Dent Repair

Mustang Dent Repair

Here you can see a before/after picture of a repair Auto Dent Solution did on a Ford Mustang. This was a pretty sharp dent caused by falling boxes in the garage! We used a bit of heat while we worked this one out to preserve the original paint. The owner had a buyer lined up for this car before it got dented, but thankfully we were able to get it good as new for the new buyer!

Pickup Truck Dents

Auto Dent Solution and its technicians are trained to work on all makes and models, including trucks. We receive many repair orders for all types of cars, but lets not forget all those pickup drivers! As you can see below we had a sharp dent located on the corner of the truck bed, which can be a fairly difficult repair. We were able to repair this dent in about an hour and it was done right at the customers house.

Truck Dent Removal

Truck Dent Removal

Jeep tailgate dent

Here we have a repair done on a Jeep by our technician Eric Briggs. Many large dents like this can still be repaired when they are on flat panels and when the metal is not too stretched.


Mystery Dent!

Here we have a dent that was repaired on a Nissan Quest rear lift gate. We call this the mystery dent because no one knows how the dent got there! This is actually not all that uncommon because often times when someone bumps into an unattended car there is no information left from the person who did it. Nevertheless Auto Dent Solution is always available for a quick and affordable repair!

Nissan Quest Dent

Nissan Quest Dent