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Dent repair on the go!

I met a nice couple from Englewood at a Sarasota park and repaired their Subaru outback while they enjoyed the park!

Toyota Tacoma Bedside Damage

Here you can see an example of some pretty extreme paintless dent repair on a Toyota Tacoma. On a typical day we can repair a large number of small “door dings”. Unlike this repair we would only be able to do a few of these a day! These are more time consuming, but can still be repaired under the right circumstances! If Paintless dent repair is a possibility for your dent then you will likely save hundreds of dollars compared to using a traditional body shop!

Toyota Tacoma bedside dent repair

Dent Removal

Mustang Dent Repair

Mustang Dent Repair

Mustang Dent Repair

Here you can see a before/after picture of a repair Auto Dent Solution did on a Ford Mustang. This was a pretty sharp dent caused by falling boxes in the garage! We used a bit of heat while we worked this one out to preserve the original paint. The owner had a buyer lined up for this car before it got dented, but thankfully we were able to get it good as new for the new buyer!

Pickup Truck Dents

Auto Dent Solution and its technicians are trained to work on all makes and models, including trucks. We receive many repair orders for all types of cars, but lets not forget all those pickup drivers! As you can see below we had a sharp dent located on the corner of the truck bed, which can be a fairly difficult repair. We were able to repair this dent in about an hour and it was done right at the customers house.

Truck Dent Removal

Truck Dent Removal

Sharp Dents and Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Repair

Dent Repair

Sharp dents can be repaired using the process of Paintless Dent Repair. These sharp dents often require more time to repair and sometimes need to be heated up with a heat gun to keep the paint more flexible to avoid cracking. This dent was fixed on a Ford F-150.

Paintless bumper repair

Auto Dent Solution is known for removing dents and dings from the metal panels on your vehicle. Most customers and potential customers didn’t know that we can repair plastic bumpers as well! Unlike our repairs on steel and aluminum panels we use heat to make the plastic more flexible and able to be reformed.

camry bumper

2015 Ford F-150

Today we had the opportunity to work on our very first 2015 F-150 that got dented while being transported to the Ford dealership! The new F-150s have all aluminum panels which is claimed to be more dent resistant. We can vouch for that at Auto Dent Solution, being that we have worked on many aluminum panels in our days. How ever just as it can be more dent resistant, it is also a bit more difficult to repair. That being said we got the dent out in time to be delivered to the customer free of Dents!

2015 Ford f-150

2015 Ford f-150

Finishing Touches

Paintless Dent Repair, like most trades require certain finishing touches to come up with a finished product to make your vehicle like new. In this case our Paintless Dent Repair method was used on this ’53 Ford panel truck that was being restored by Ken, a customer of ours. His truck had beautiful body and paint work but had just a few dings keeping the body from being perfectly straight! In under an hour we had it good as new!

'53 Ford Panel Truck Restoration

’53 Ford Panel Truck Restoration

The Auto Dent Solution Team

When you need assistance with your damaged vehicle and you decide to hire Auto Dent Solution, you don’t just get one person! In most cases you will receive both our mobile technicians. Therefore increasing the speed and efficiency of your repair!

Eric and I out on the job

Eric and Taylor out on the job!