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Dent repair on the go!

I met a nice couple from Englewood at a Sarasota park and repaired their Subaru outback while they enjoyed the park!

Liftgate dent removal

The Techs at Auto Dent Solution end up seeing a lot of dents similar to this one above! Regardless of all the sensors and cameras today accidents still happen. Those cameras can be misleading! We are mobile and just a call away for your Sarasota dent repair and Bradenton dent repair needs!

Body line Dent Repair

Here you can see an example of a pretty extreme dent that we repaired on the door of a Nissan Rogue. Location, access, and depth of a dent are key factors in weather or not it will be repairable. This was a very sharp dent on a body line and any deeper of a dent would most likely have been beyond our method of Paintless Dent Repair.