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They say that there are only two kinds of cars out there!

There are only two kinds of cars: those that already have dents, and those that will get them. If your car is in the first category – we’ll make the dents disappear!

Dent removal vans

Dent removal vans

Paintless bumper repair

Auto Dent Solution is known for removing dents and dings from the metal panels on your vehicle. Most customers and potential customers didn’t know that we can repair plastic bumpers as well! Unlike our repairs on steel and aluminum panels we use heat to make the plastic more flexible and able to be reformed.

camry bumper

Jeep tailgate dent

Here we have a repair done on a Jeep by our technician Eric Briggs. Many large dents like this can still be repaired when they are on flat panels and when the metal is not too stretched.


Large Dents


Here we have a GMC Sierra that received a quite large dent on the front passenger fender. Some may think that just because the size of the dent is large, that it would have to be repaired at a body shop. As long as the metal is not too stretched and the dent is in an accessible area the dent can in most cases still be repaired with PDR. Our Paintless Dent Repair methods can save from spending hundred on deductibles and costly body shop repairs!

Dent Removal

Bentley convertible

Here we have a Bentley convertible that had multiple dents on the rear quarter panel. Convertible rear quarter panels are especially difficult to access because of the extra bracing and panels for the convertible top to be able to lower down. However if there is a will there is a way, the ADS team was able to find a small access above the wheel well liner and got those dents out!


Large dent repaired on Mazda Tribute

Here we have a Mazda Tribute the was hit in a parking lot and of course no information was left on the vehicle. At Auto Dent Solution we offer free estimates and were able to come out to the customers house and perform the repair for far less then your typical body shop repair or deductible cost!

Mazda Tribute dent repair

Mazda Tribute dent repair

2015 Ford F-150

Today we had the opportunity to work on our very first 2015 F-150 that got dented while being transported to the Ford dealership! The new F-150s have all aluminum panels which is claimed to be more dent resistant. We can vouch for that at Auto Dent Solution, being that we have worked on many aluminum panels in our days. How ever just as it can be more dent resistant, it is also a bit more difficult to repair. That being said we got the dent out in time to be delivered to the customer free of Dents!

2015 Ford f-150

2015 Ford f-150

Dents Every where


Here is Eric getting ready to work on a customer car over at Mercedes Benz of Sarasota. This particular customer had just purchased two new cars the week before and somewhere along the line a small dent got put into the passenger side door. The ADS crew is always around to get those pesky dents and dings out of the way!

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Where the Magic happens…. Door Dings that is!

Where the Magic happens... Door Dings that is!

Where the Magic happens… Door Dings that is!

On a recent vacation trip to Orlando i thought i’d snap a picture from the balcony of “where the magic happens”. At lease the magic for a dent repair technician! All it takes is someone pulling in a bit too close and swinging that door open when they go to unload luggage! If this happens to you on a road trip or on your daily cruise, you know who to call for your auto dent repair needs!