dent repair

Dent repair on the go!

I met a nice couple from Englewood at a Sarasota park and repaired their Subaru outback while they enjoyed the park!

Sharp fender dent

Paintless dent repair

Parking lot damage can be the worst! Especially when you come out to find the damage as a surprise after shopping. With paintless dent removal Auto Dent Solution can repair your unsightly dents and dings quickly and affordably with our mobile units!

Call or text for your car or truck dent repair needs. 9412328704 or 9417991930

GMC Canyon dent repair

Truck dent removal

Auto Dent Solution went out to this customers house to repair this dent on their new GMC truck. They were surprised to see this softball sized dent when they were done shopping! Paintless dent removal got the truck looking new again with no painting or fillers! Give us a call for a free estimate!

Liftgate dent removal

The Techs at Auto Dent Solution end up seeing a lot of dents similar to this one above! Regardless of all the sensors and cameras today accidents still happen. Those cameras can be misleading! We are mobile and just a call away for your Sarasota dent repair and Bradenton dent repair needs!

Mysterious Parking lot Dents

Here’s the dent of the week! Like many dents this was caused mysteriously in a parking lot while my customer was inside shopping. Auto Dent Solution was able to get it out like new again! If you encounter any dents while shopping this holiday season please give us a call!

Body line Dent Repair

Here you can see an example of a pretty extreme dent that we repaired on the door of a Nissan Rogue. Location, access, and depth of a dent are key factors in weather or not it will be repairable. This was a very sharp dent on a body line and any deeper of a dent would most likely have been beyond our method of Paintless Dent Repair.

Dents on body lines

Dent on body lines are naturally more difficult to repair but don’t rule out paintless dent repair without first getting an estimate! Most body line dent can still be repaired as long as the metal is not too stretched!

Truck Dent Removal

dent removal under lighting

Dents under the light!

Visibility is important, regardless of if we’re using the sunlight or inside during a rainy day. Using artificial lighting indoors helps us achieve great results. After our work is finished, you won’t see any dents no matter what lighting!

dent removal under lighting

PDR Light Source